Welcome to the jungle




6:30 - Ridge Walk

8:30 - WOD

10:00 - Olympic Lifting

16.30 - Booty


8:30 - Jungle Strength

10:00 - WOD

16:30 - WOD


8:30 - WOD

10:00 - Primal Capacity

16:30 - Olympic Lifting


8:30 - Booty

10:00 - Jungle Strength

16:30 - WOD


6:30 - Ridge Run/Walk

8:30 - Olympic Lifting

10:00 - WOD

16:30 - Primal Capacity


9:00 - Super Saturday (Workout of the day)


9:00 - Resilience Day
(Workout of the day)



Price list

Monthly Unlimited - 1.5 mil

Monthly Open Gym - 1 mil

Daily - 200k

3 Days - 400k

1 Week - 500k

2 Weeks - 850k

3 Months - 3.9 mil

6 Months - 6.9 mil

10 Day Pass - 1.5mil

Opening Hours

Every day

7am - 7pm

Personal Training

Level 2 Coach - 750k

Level 1 Coach - 600k

Packages available on request



Jungle Strength

Think sandbags, sled push & the famous strongman/strongwoman yoke.
Basically whatever is awkward to pickup, you'll be lifting it.
This class is for all abilities so come roar and unleash your inner animal strength!


Your classic Workout of the day. Skills, strength & conditioning all rolled into one class.
You'll always leave having learned something.
Oh, and sweat. You'll definitely sweat!

Olympic Lifting

The clue is the name.
Clean, jerk and Snatch your way to perfection.
With all the accessory work thrown in to make sure you're hitting those lifts.


Shape and sculpt that rear like never before.
A circuit based class to bring focus to your behind to leav all others behind.
Posterior pump guaranteed.

Primal Capacity

An old school approach to fitness.
No barbells, just god old fashion work, work and more work.
Expect reps, and lots of them!

Ridge Walk/Run

Come and join Coach Stevie and his pack of 5 dogs as they watch the sunrise walking the Campuhan Ridge. It's a fantastic way to start the day before grabbing a coffee and hitting your workout!

Super Saturday

Just an action packed workout where having fun with friends (old and new) is the name of the game.
Mandatory fun included!

Resilience Sunday

Had a quiet night in? Or a mad night out?
Either way test your resilience with this no nonsense workout. It's still for all fitness levels, we'll just scale it as necessary.
Finish your weekend off with a bang!


Personal Training

Need a little extra help perfecting the deadlift or learning a new skill?

Our coaches will get you there. With a combined 13 years of coaching experience between them, there isn't a thing we can't help you with. Get in touch today for your free consultation.

Stevie Pages

Stevie has been in the industry for over 12 years, has over 15 qualifications ranging from CrossFit L2 to Exercise Rehab to Olympic Lifting. If you need a more specific training plan, learn a new skill, or coming back from an injury, he's your man! Contact him for a free consultation now.

Andrea Nitisa

Andrea is an Again Faster sponsored Athlete, an experienced competitor and all round bundle of energy. Her background is in Strength & Conditioning, so if you need a little extra push and a keen eye on your session, contact her today.


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